Saskatchewan Man Gets Green Light to Build $1.2 Million Bible Theme Park With Noah’s Ark Exhibit September 22, 2016

Saskatchewan Man Gets Green Light to Build $1.2 Million Bible Theme Park With Noah’s Ark Exhibit

Get ready, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Officials there just approved the development of a Bible-based theme park, complete with a Noah’s Ark exhibit. The park will cost the developer $1.2 million. And as if we needed the extra bit of symbolism, it’ll be built on top of a cemetery.


The theme park would be built on two hectares (five acres) adjacent to the cemetery. [Marc] L’Hoir expects it to be a popular tourist destination.

“You know how many people go to Vatican City? How many people go to Jerusalem to the Wailing Wall? So once the word gets out and we start marketing it, I think it’ll be a real tourist attraction for Moose Jaw,” L’Hoir said.

“Plus it’s going to enhance the cemetery,” L’Hoir said. “Hopefully people want to be buried there.”

Vatican City. Wailing Wall. Random Bible “theme park” in Canada. Totally the same things.

But at least it’s just his money that’s being wasted. The taxpayers won’t be losing anything here, unlike the monstrosity in Kentucky. So have fun and build the mediocre ark of your dreams, man. At least the cemetery is close by for when that dream dies a few months after opening.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Joshua for the link)

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