Move Over, Virgin Mary. Someone Found Charles Darwin in an Eye Scan September 21, 2016

Move Over, Virgin Mary. Someone Found Charles Darwin in an Eye Scan

If the Virgin Mary can turn up on grilled cheese, and Jesus can be found in a dog’s butt, then it only makes sense for Charles Darwin to appear on an eye scan:


The good news is that Christopher McCleary, the ophthalmic technician who spotted it, is well aware that his mind is just playing tricks on him:

“This was a fantastic example of pareidolia, where our minds make us see a familiar shape when it doesn’t actually exist.

“Given the number of religious figures who feature in media reports of pareidolia, we thought that it was very appropriate that our high-tech scanning equipment found one of history’s most important scientists.”

That’s something you’ll never hear from someone who spots a religious icon in unexpected places…

(via Christian Nightmares)

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