David Barton, Who Lies About His “Doctorate,” Says People Shouldn’t “Change the Meaning of Words” September 16, 2016

David Barton, Who Lies About His “Doctorate,” Says People Shouldn’t “Change the Meaning of Words”

This week, the people behind the Oxford English Dictionary announced all the new words that would be added to the collection, including “biatch,” “YOLO,” “fuhgeddaboudit,” and “‘Merica.” It’s always entertaining to see these lists. It’s also predictable because our language isn’t static. As words come into popular usage, they get documented in this way.

But Christian pseudo-historian David Barton was very upset about one of the new entries: “gender-fluid.”


The inclusion certainly has some theological effects. The Bible only allows for two genders. Barton notes God is very careful with the way words are used.

The noted Christian historian adds that the person who gets to define the terms usually wins the war of ideas.

It’s hard to see how a straight-forward definition like “designating a person who does not identify with a single fixed gender” would be such a problem for Barton… but that’s not why I’m posting about this.

What caught my eye was what he said about how we use certain words…

Barton says there’s something almost subliminal about the words people use. “When you start using different words and change the meaning of words, it changes the way you think and therefore changes your behavior and often leads you in a wrong direction — as with ‘gender fluidity,’” he explains.

He would know, wouldn’t he? After all, Barton is the guy who twisted the definition of the word “Doctor.”

Last week, Barton uploaded a video explaining how he had earned a Ph.D. from an unnamed school — as opposed to receiving honorary doctorates from bad ones — even though the evidence suggested he never earned anything. When critics called him out on his latest apparent lie, he deleted the video and hasn’t addressed the issue since.

But I’ll give Barton credit for his statement. He changed the definition of the word “Doctor” to somehow include himself and it gave him a confidence he didn’t deserve. It changed the way he thought. And it’s that mindset that makes him think whatever he says is right even when the experts know otherwise.


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