Utah Professor Slams Mother Teresa’s Sainthood: “Rejecting Reality is Not Reason to Rejoice” September 12, 2016

Utah Professor Slams Mother Teresa’s Sainthood: “Rejecting Reality is Not Reason to Rejoice”

Gregory A. Clark, an associate professor at the University of Utah, writing for the Salt Lake Tribune, provides some much-needed pushback on the sainthood of Mother Teresa.


Speaking of her supposed miracles, he writes:

This is superstition of the lowest order. Don’t understand something? “God did it.”

It’s nice that Mother Teresa miraculously healed two people, according to her church. How unfortunate, though, that she didn’t bother to heal the many others who have died under the care of her Missionaries of Charity, often in squalid conditions with poor medical treatment, despite the unaccounted-for millions of dollars raised in her name.

The reality is, when an outcome truly would require a miracle, then intercessory prayer to saints and gods never works. Never.

Primitive superstitious beliefs are not reason to rejoice. Mass self-delusion is not reason to rejoice. Rejecting reality is not reason to rejoice.

They are reason to mourn.

Preach it, brother!

And kudos to the Tribune for publishing a controversial (but welcome) piece that is bound to generate negative feedback.

(Image via catwalker / Shutterstock.com. Thanks to Anu for the link)

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