A Catholic Columnist Said Stephen Hawking Might Be Cured of His ALS Today. Let’s Check In! September 12, 2016

A Catholic Columnist Said Stephen Hawking Might Be Cured of His ALS Today. Let’s Check In!

Remember how the National Catholic Register‘s Benjamin Wiker said last week that we should all pray for Stephen Hawking to be cured of his ALS?

His argument was that Mother Teresa could cure him exactly eight days after her sainthood — that would be today — because that’s how long it took for Jesus to make a convert of Doubting Thomas.


I know this might be rather bold, but I’d like to ask, say, several million people out there to pray to Mother Teresa during her canonization day, and eight days thereafter, for the conversion and complete healing of the great physicist Stephen Hawking.

Imagine what would happen to Hawking himself if God would see fit to answer this prayer through the intercession of Mother Teresa. He would not be any less a physicist. He would still know what he had previously known, from Black Holes to Quantum Mechanics, but his universe would quite suddenly become immeasurably larger and more complex.

Moreover, if these prayers were answered, Hawking would know exactly what it was like, some two millennia ago, to be healed directly by Jesus, and that would mean that the New Testament would quite suddenly be transformed from a book of fiction (as too many scientists see it) to a book of startling miraculous facts. That book would then have to be on the same shelf with his physics books.

Since I doubt Wiker will be giving us an update, I thought I’d do it for him.

Steven Hawking still has ALS.

Mother Teresa, as expected, didn’t help.

Atheists: 289473984723. God: 0.

It’s almost as if asking a dead person to cure someone else’s incurable disease doesn’t work… who would have guessed it?!

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