Deplorable Christian Right Leader Slams Hillary Clinton for Calling People Like Him “Deplorable” September 11, 2016

Deplorable Christian Right Leader Slams Hillary Clinton for Calling People Like Him “Deplorable”

Who could have guessed that Donald Trump‘s supporters would have such thin skin?

After Hillary Clinton said the other night that half his supporters could fit in a “basket of deplorables,” they’re practically tripping over each other to see who can act most offended. As if the openly Birther, racist, homophobic wing of his base weren’t scraped from the bottom of the barrel… (The people who just want to see change in government and who support conservative policies? She wasn’t talking about you.)

But Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council wins the award, as usual, for biggest hypocrite. In a press release, he decried her contempt for people she disagrees with:


Hillary’s use of the phrase ‘deplorable’ is as revealing as it is insulting. Hillary Clinton’s foundation has received donations from countries all over the world that imprison and even execute those they deem ‘deplorable.’ Christians and other Americans who refuse to embrace the Obama/Clinton vision of America should be very concerned and should ask what Hillary Clinton has planned for those she deems ‘deplorable?’

Clinton’s view of her fellow Americans shouldn’t be a surprise. The policies of Obama/Clinton are rooted in their shared contempt for the traditional values of tens of millions of Americans. In the last eight years, this administration has increasingly tried to marginalize those who do not surrender to a progressive agenda.

This comes from Tony Perkins, the man whose group spent $25,000 lobbying Congress NOT to issue a resolution condemning Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill. The same group that supports harmful, ineffective gay conversion therapy which Perkins pushed into the Republican Party platform. The same group that believes being transgender constitutes a “mental disorder.”

In other words, Perkins has spent his career actually, legitimately hurting people he doesn’t like or understand.

But Hillary Clinton called people like him a mean name this one time, so it’s THE WORST THING EVER!

At least Clinton was calling out people who deserve it. Perkins ruins the lives of people who have done nothing wrong.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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