Your Eyes Will Roll When You Hear Deepak Chopra Describe His Latest Business Venture September 9, 2016

Your Eyes Will Roll When You Hear Deepak Chopra Describe His Latest Business Venture

Deepak Chopra‘s latest business venture, which he’s announcing today, is a collaboration with a company that creates hologram humans to lead in-person seminars. Because Skype isn’t fancy enough for some people…


The hologram thing strikes me as cheesy and unnecessary — kind of like creating an IMAX version of a random YouTube video — but whatever. If that’s what Chopra wants to do, so be it.

But look at how he promotes the product. It’s just typical Chopra-esque word salad. It sounds fancy but means absolutely nothing.

HumaGrams are life-size photo-realistic digital representations of people, projected using ARHT’s patent-pending Augmented Reality Holographic Technology, capable of eliminating time and geography by allowing a speaker to appear in front of an audience as a hologram in real-time for a two-way interaction, without having the need to physically be there.

HumaGrams brings us one step closer to our goal of impacting 1 billion lives around the world, said Dr. Chopra. “We will be able to touch multiple communities at once with these immersive experiences and create a synergy that leads to a greater societal transformation. This is the future of wellness and technology.”

Immersive! Synergy! Greater societal transformation! A billion lives transformed! THIS SOUNDS AWESOME!

… until you realize that he’s just talking about a silly gimmick that will get old after about two minutes.

Chopra has always been substance-free, but pushing his pseudo-spiritual tripe via hologram is taking that to an extreme.

(Thanks to Scott for the link)

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