After a Youth Pastor Raped a Girl, Their Church Asked the Victim to Apologize to the Pastor’s Wife September 9, 2016

After a Youth Pastor Raped a Girl, Their Church Asked the Victim to Apologize to the Pastor’s Wife

***Update***: The Columbia Road Baptist Church has responded to this controversy by denying that they ever asked the victim for an apology, calling it a “serious misunderstanding”:


the accusation that an apology was required from the victim or her family to return was a result of a serious misunderstanding and does not reflect what actually transpired. The church arranged for outside counseling for the victim and her family at the church’s own expense…

What was the misunderstanding? What did they ask of the victim and her family? What did they ask for that the mother somehow took to mean an apology to the youth pastor’s wife?

Without that information, this statement leaves much to be desired.

(Thanks to Deborah for the link)

Brian Mitchell, a former youth pastor from Ohio, will spend a decade in jail after being convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl who told the court, “I did not give him permission… I clearly said ‘no, didn’t want to.'”

The story is disturbing enough as it is, but one detail will make your jaw drop.


The girl has nightmares to this day. There are days when she can’t get out of bed. She “struggled in school” as this ordeal played out. She has “symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.”

And here’s how her church allegedly handled the situation when it all finally came to light:

The girl’s mother said in court that church officials told her their family couldn’t return to the church until she apologized to Mitchell’s wife.

Because her “relationship” with the pastor was all her fault.

Mitchell’s lawyer said he was unaware of that happening, and no one has confirmed or denied that aspect of the story, but it wouldn’t be the first time Christian church leaders have blamed the victim.

The family no longer attends the church.

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