A Soldier Drowned After His Baptism; Now the Military is Investigating While Christians Cry Foul September 8, 2016

A Soldier Drowned After His Baptism; Now the Military is Investigating While Christians Cry Foul

Marcus Rogers is the Christian preacher who recently asked his fans for $455,000… because it would somehow help him spread the word of Jesus. (He’s raised more than $30,000 so far.)

Rogers is also a Staff Sergeant at Fort Campbell in Kentucky and apparently the person who baptized Army Specialist Dhaifal Ali… who drowned soon after the baptism took place.

Freak accident? Maybe. But the bigger problem for Rogers is that he’s not a chaplain and therefore he wasn’t authorized to baptize anyone on the military base. That, along with the fact that someone died because he may not have taken proper precautions, could land him in a heap of trouble.

Enter Professional Christian Yeller and vertical video-addict Joshua Feuerstein, who encouraged his followers to harass the news station that reported on this story until they take it down. Because how dare they tarnish his reputation? He’s just a good guy who would like an extra half-million dollars lying around…


… It’s NewsChannel5, okay, that’s coming after this incredible young preacher of the Gospel for baptizing [Ali] and essentially, in their story, almost accusing him of murder. Now, I’mm telling you, he needs your help… because NewsChannel5 needs to know they can’t run this kind of ridiculous story and expect to get away with it

Feuerstein never raises the fact that Rogers wasn’t a professional chaplain or that he wasn’t supposed to baptize anyone in that particular location. Those details might complicate his Christian persecution narrative.

The station hasn’t taken down the story yet. Good for them for not caving to a faith-based bully. You can send them some love here.

By the way, at one point, Feuerstein says Rogers isn’t in this for fame or fortune. As if he didn’t ask people for half a million dollars for no good reason. But I guess it makes sense coming from the guy who raised $20,000 for a camera he never seems to use…

(Thanks to Jessica for the link)

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