Russian Man Faces Up to Five Years in Prison for Playing Pokémon Go Inside a Church September 6, 2016

Russian Man Faces Up to Five Years in Prison for Playing Pokémon Go Inside a Church

There are some churches in the U.S. that want you to play Pokémon Go on their campuses in the hopes that you’ll find Christ along the way.

Then, there’s Russia, where a man who filmed himself playing the game at the Church of All Saints in Yekaterinburg back in August now faces up to five years in prison.


The man in question is Ruslan Sokolovsky, a popular YouTuber (nearly 300,000 subscribers) who loves to provoke the powerful. In this case, his video was all about how people could be arrested for playing the popular game in a church. Sokolovsky wanted to show that there was really no harm in what he was doing and any penalty would be overblown.

He was right.

… Police began investigating Sokolovsky shortly after the video was posted on 11 August.

In a statement released on Saturday, the local investigation committee said a 21-year-old had been charged with inciting hatred and offending religious sensibilities and detained for two months. It added that the penalty could reach up to five years in prison

Sokolovsky hasn’t been released yet. But other activists are threatening to join him by also getting caught playing Pokémon Go in churches. It’s a strange kind of civil disobedience, but it may very well have the same effect. Russia can’t catch them all, can they?

(via Christian Nightmares)

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