Richard Dawkins Announces First Speaking Tour Since February Stroke September 1, 2016

Richard Dawkins Announces First Speaking Tour Since February Stroke

We haven’t seen or heard too much from Richard Dawkins (outside of an occasional essay or video) since his minor stroke back in February.


The 75-year-old author postponed his speaking tour in New Zealand and Australia at the time. He also stopped posting on Twitter to avoid “getting involved in controversy” — and, I would think, to keep his stress levels low.

The good news is that his recovery is going well enough that he just announced a speaking tour in the United States this November during which he’ll speak about “science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.”

And Donald Trump, I would think, seeing as how this tour happens right before and after the election. Or maybe not, since he still needs to keep his stress levels down.

Nov. 1: Los Angeles, CA (with Sam Harris)

Nov. 5: Portland, OR
Nov. 7: Grand Rapids, MI
Nov. 9: Indianapolis, IN
Nov. 10: Philadelphia, PA

Tickets are available now. Glad to see him back in action.

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