Christian Charity Rejects Atheist’s Money Again, So He’ll Give It All to Camp Quest Oklahoma September 1, 2016

Christian Charity Rejects Atheist’s Money Again, So He’ll Give It All to Camp Quest Oklahoma

We have one more update on Matt Wilbourn, the Oklahoma atheist who tried to donate tons of money to the Murrow Indian Children’s Home on behalf of the Muskogee Atheist Community (which he and his wife Keli co-founded).

His generosity was rejected by the Christian charity because the organization’s leaders said accepting money from atheists (and giving them credit for it as they do with all their donations) would “go against everything they believe in.”

Matt and Keli Wilbourn
Matt and Keli Wilbourn

Yesterday, Matt explained that he would still try to donate $5,106.47 (including his original $100 donation and amount it took to mail it back to him) to the charity. If they wouldn’t give his group credit, fine. Matt would just donate the money anonymously.

If they still said no after that, which they did, he would give the money to a local church, so that they could donate the money.

The point was that these kids at the Children’s Home were going to get help, even if the Christians who claim to take care of them were refusing perfectly sensible donations.

Well, the Children’s Home now says they’re not accepting his money even if it comes through a church. This is a matter of principle, dammit, and the Bible never said anything about pride!

Matt tried one more thing, which I think you’ll agree goes above and beyond anything a donor should ever have to do to help a charity:

I even tried calling the electric company and the water company here in Muskogee to try and pay their bill(s) for them in the amount of $5,106.47 but those companies both said that I have to have their account number, which I do not have.

So that’s it. Matt’s waving a white flag. And who can blame him? He tried to help and nothing worked.

That $5,000 (and change) that he set aside for the Christian charity will now join the rest of the fundraised amount –$25,667.80, after GoFundMe’s take — and go entirely to Camp Quest Oklahoma.

The money will still help children. But only after stubborn Christian adults refused to accept money that had been raised through the kindness and generosity of atheists.


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