Watch an Arkansas Legislator Dodge an Easy Question About the Illegal Christian Display He Supports August 28, 2016

Watch an Arkansas Legislator Dodge an Easy Question About the Illegal Christian Display He Supports

The other day, I posted about a debate that took place on an Arkansas news channel between State Sen. Jason Rapert (who wrote legislation allowing a Ten Commandments monument to go up on Capitol grounds) and Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple spokesperson who has submitted an application to install a Baphomet statue next to the Christian monument).

That conversation aired this morning and we have the video:


I would once again draw your attention to the part that begins at the 6:00 mark. When Greaves asks Rapert if he’ll pay all fees connected with lawsuits he loses as a result of this illegal legislation, Rapert dodges the question completely.

RAPERT: Well, the bottom line is that, again…

GREAVES: It’s a yes or no.

RAPERT: … this is a situation where a person is attacking the integrity of 99 legislators in the state of Arkansas…

GREAVES: So no you won’t?

RAPERT: … The fact of the matter is, if somebody sues on a frivolous nature, that’s their decision. But there is no waste standing up for a law for the state of Arkansas. We have multiple monuments on the state Capitol grounds. The application that they have submitted actually is meant only to interrupt…

GREAVES: So it’s not your money, so you’ll waste it at will.

RAPERT: … the [Satanic] monument is only meant to interrupt. Their application is to interrupt what the state of Arkansas is wanting to do…

GREAVES: Now you’re speaking to our intentions.

RAPERT: … Yesterday… the State Capitol grounds of Colorado has the exact monument on that State Capitol ground, as well as Missouri…

It’s absolutely irresponsible of Rapert not to stand by his own legislation when experts have repeatedly told him it’s going to be challenged in court and that legal precedent is against him.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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