Bill Nye Explains Why He Doesn’t Believe in Ghosts and the Afterlife August 27, 2016

Bill Nye Explains Why He Doesn’t Believe in Ghosts and the Afterlife

Bill Nye, in a video for Big Think, answers the age-old question about whether ghosts and the afterlife exist.

The answer is no, obviously — there’s no evidence for either one — but it’s interesting to hear how he gently explains his answer to the mother and son who asked the question.


It looks like to me this life is all you get. This is it. There’s nothing afterwards. So what you’ve got to do is live this life as best you can. That’s the way to go.

And if it does turn out there’s an afterlife and we all turn young again and can play rugby or whatever it is we want to do, so much the better. But I see no evidence for it.

And for your son, there are no ghosts. Sorry. And your friends who believe in ghosts, you can outwit them. You’ll be ahead of them because you will not waste energy running around looking for ghosts. Instead you’ll close the window to keep the candle from blowing over or whatever made your friend believe in a ghost.

No mockery. No cruelly popping the hopeful bubble of people who really want to believe. Nye just tells them he’s searched for the same things and the evidence leads him in the other direction.

There’s no nice way to tell someone their cherished beliefs are wrong, but this is about as close as you’ll ever see.

(via Big Think)

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