Pious Mississippi Mayor Who Said He Could “Pray Potholes Away” Accused of Sexual Harassment August 26, 2016

Pious Mississippi Mayor Who Said He Could “Pray Potholes Away” Accused of Sexual Harassment

Remember Tony Yarber? He’s the mayor of Jackson, Mississippi who said on Twitter last year that he could pray away the potholes in his city:


As if atheists caused potholes to appear in the first place…

But if that tweet taught us anything, it’s that Yarber is a devout Christian who sees prayer as a solution to everything.

He’ll be able to put that to the test very soon since he was just hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit from one of his former employees.

A former city employee filed a lawsuit Thursday against Mayor Tony Yarber and the city of Jackson alleging sexual harassment.

Kimberly Bracey, in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Jackson, accused Yarber of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment and a sexually hostile workplace.

Bracey also alleged that Yarber asked her to encourage another woman to give him oral sex in exchange for a job. She also accused Yarber of making inappropriate sexual comments about other women on several occasions.

I’m shocked that a self-proclaimed Man of God — who also works as a pastor, by the way — may be a total hypocrite. Have you ever heard a story like that?! (What? Every day? I see.)

(Thanks to J. for the link)

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