Atheist Group Releases Church/State Separation Scorecard for House Members; Most Fail Miserably August 25, 2016

Atheist Group Releases Church/State Separation Scorecard for House Members; Most Fail Miserably

The Center for Freethought Equality (the advocacy wing of the American Humanist Association) has released its scorecard for the 114th Congress, grading House members for how they voted on seven issues dealing with church/state separation.

Hello, Oklahoma
Hello, Oklahoma.

An A+ grade was given to members who voted for resolutions supporting Darwin Day and/or the National Day of Reason (in addition to their perfect scores on all other issues).

Voting the “wrong” way four times out of seven was enough to earn a failing grade.

Here’s the summary:

Of all House members, 19 Democrats were rated as A+, demonstrating their unyielding support for church/state separation, LGBTQ equality and reproductive rights. One hundred and thirty-three Democratic representatives received A ratings, also demonstrating strong support for church/state separation. Thirty-one Democrats were given B’s and 2 were given C’s, indicating a moderate support for church/state separation. Two Democrats and 7 Republicans were given D’s, while 2 Democrats and 240 Republicans were given F’s, indicating weak support for church/state separation.

If you’re keeping score, that would be the majority of the House failing on our issues. And not a single Republican earned higher than a “D.”

“It’s time for our US Representatives to listen to the concerns of the nonreligious community, especially now that the Pew Research Center is reporting that nearly a quarter of Americans do not identify as religious” said Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the Center for Freethought Equality. “This scorecard will hold legislators accountable to all of their constituents and ensure that voters know where they stand on key issues such as church/state separation, LGBTQ rights and reproductive choice.”

A wave election couldn’t come soon enough.

You can see the full scorecard here, separated by state. You may want tissues handy.

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