Arkansas Officials Will Soon Meet to Discuss Christian and Satanic Monuments Outside the Capitol August 24, 2016

Arkansas Officials Will Soon Meet to Discuss Christian and Satanic Monuments Outside the Capitol

Here’s where things stand in Arkansas, where religious displays are now allowed on the grounds of the State Capitol.

The whole point of that legislation was to create a path for the installation of a Ten Commandments monument. And a couple of weeks ago, the American History & Heritage Foundation, Inc. filed an application to make that happen. If erected, it would be a three-ton, $25,000 homage to Christianity.

But around the same time, The Satanic Temple, always eager for equal treatment, filed their own application to install a glorious statue of Baphomet:


It was now up to Arkansas state officials to decide if they wanted to invite a lawsuit (as we saw in Oklahoma) or accept that the Baphomet statue’s placement comes as a direct consequence of their own actions. (Thanks, Jesus!)

Yesterday, Arkansas Secretary of State Mark Martin scheduled a meeting of the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission for September 13 to discuss these two proposals. I’m not sure what there is to discuss, but there you go. Representatives from both the Christian and Satanic organizations will be present to make their cases for why their displays should go up outside the Capitol.

Even better?

A hotline has been established for public comments. Simply call (501) 683-6589.

Call that number. Be polite but firm. Let them know that you want to see equal treatment for the Satanic Temple. The Arkansas legislature has no right to install a Christian monument that commands people, among other things, not to take the Christian Lord’s name in vain, while rejecting a non-Christian monument they’re not familiar with.

And if you’re from Arkansas, let them know that as well. It means more coming from you.

(Thanks to Brian for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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