Christian School President’s Email Devotional Discusses Whether He Can Still Say the Word “Pervert” August 13, 2016

Christian School President’s Email Devotional Discusses Whether He Can Still Say the Word “Pervert”

You would think any email from a college president to school alumni would include the recent accomplishments of faculty members and students. Or maybe a mention of upcoming events. Even in a devotional email from a Christian college president, you’d expect something positive and uplifting.

But Dr. D. Clay Perkins, President of Mid-Atlantic Christian University, took a very different approach in a message he sent out yesterday. (A graduate of the school forwarded it to me.)


Pervert. Can we even use this word anymore? Please do not get mad at me. I am just asking a question. Pervert as defined by Google is “a person whose sexual behavior is regarded as abnormal or unacceptable — synonyms: deviant, degenerate.”

1) Yes, he can use the word. No one’s stopping him.

2) You know exactly where he’s going with this because Christians like him are bigots who assume everyone who doesn’t fit a particular traditional mold is inherently doing something immoral.

3) Did a university president seriously sit at his desk and Google the word “pervert”? Because I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.

And that’s just the first paragraph. You can read his entire email, published earlier in a local newspaper, right here.

Really makes you want to whip out that checkbook and make a donation, doesn’t it?

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