Christian Liar David Barton: You’ll Have to Answer to God One Day, So Vote for Donald Trump August 11, 2016

Christian Liar David Barton: You’ll Have to Answer to God One Day, So Vote for Donald Trump

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton, who tells lies for a living, told callers during a teleforum hosted by My Faith Votes (a get-out-the-vote ministry) that they will have to answer to God if they don’t vote for Donald Trump.


Barton said that Christians who refuse to support Trump are just looking for “excuses” and would probably have refused to vote for biblical leaders like King David because he was a murderer and adulterer or Noah because “he had trouble with drunkenness” or Lot, who slept with his own daughter.

Christians who won’t vote for Trump, Barton said, need to realize that “maybe God’s got a different standard than what we do. Maybe at a national leadership level, there are people who do good things for the nation who have character flaws … What God calls great leaders wouldn’t fit your litmus test, but maybe you need to catch up with where God is rather than expecting God to catch up with where you are.

“We will stand before God one day and answer for everything we’ve said and thought and done,” he continued. “[God will say,] ‘I gave you your country, what did you do that with?’ ‘Well, I didn’t do anything because I didn’t like any of the candidates.’ Really? You think God is going to buy that? In Matthew 25 and Luke 19, the guy who was given something to do and didn’t do anything with it, he’s the one who got in trouble with the master. He’s going to say, ‘I gave you a vote. What did you do with that vote I gave you?’ ‘Well, I couldn’t use it for anybody.’ And again, we’re back to Matthew 25 and Luke 19 where Jesus turned to him and said, ‘Wait a minute, you didn’t do anything with what I gave you, at all?’ And that is the one who got thrown into outer darkness.”

How’s that for a guilt trip? If you don’t vote Republican, the Baby Jesus will cry. It doesn’t get more coercive than that.

And the issue isn’t that Trump has “character flaws.” His surrogates have character flaws. Trump spews ignorance and arrogance that make him completely unfit to do the work required of the President.

Though, ironically, if Christians do vote for the nuclear weapon-loving Trump, they probably have a better chance of meeting God real soon…

(via Right Wing Watch)

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