A Former Jehovah’s Witness Talks About How Being Disfellowshipped Affects His Entire Life August 9, 2016

A Former Jehovah’s Witness Talks About How Being Disfellowshipped Affects His Entire Life

We’ve posted a lot on this site about the problem with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Disfellowshipping. That’s the procedure by which ex-JWs are shunned by their families and friends for life — because that distance is the only thing believers can hold over the heads of the formerly faithful.

Imagine getting married or having a child — all without your living parents by your side — and you understand just how devastating this absence can be.

Lloyd Evans, a JW watchdog who has opened my eyes to the practice, just posted a video about how his own life is impacted by Disfellowshipping. It’s depressing as hell… but it’s honest.


Maybe the biggest takeaway message is this: For many of us who leave religion, accepting that we were lied to about how the world works, coming out as non-religious, and accepting our new reality are among the biggest hurdles we’ll ever have to overcome. Evans has dealt with all of that. Whatever faith-based trauma he dealt with as a child is gone now.

But because his father refuses to be a part of his life — and his daughter’s life — the punishment from the Watchtower Society is “ongoing.” It will never stop. He faces a life-long penalty because he committed the JW crime of thinking critically.

By the way, if you’re in the mood to shed some tears, read this account from someone who met a 58-year-old man who was allegedly Disfellowshipped 40 years ago and hasn’t seen his parents since then. So damn depressing.

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