The City of Williamstown (KY) Says Ark Encounter is “Historically Authentic” August 8, 2016

The City of Williamstown (KY) Says Ark Encounter is “Historically Authentic”

It’s one thing for Answers in Genesis to promote the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as scientifically sound. Sure, it’s a lie, but it’s a lie in the name of Jesus. That makes it okay, you see.

It’s really disturbing, though, when the local communities that rely on attendance to Ark Encounter for revenue say the same kinds of things. And that’s what’s happening in Williamstown, Kentucky, where the people who run the town’s website seem to think the Christian attraction is based in reality:


The Ark Encounter is a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction. In an entertaining, educational and immersive way, it presents a number of historical events centered on a full-size, all-wood Ark, which should become the largest timber-frame structure in USA. The Ark Encouter [sic] began construction in 2014 and opened to the public on July 7, 2016.

Additional future phases for the attraction include a Walled City, the Tower of Babel, a first-century Middle Eastern village, a journey in history form Abraham to the parting of the Red Sea, a walk-through aviary, an expanded large petting zoo and so on.

It is designed to be family oriented, historically authentic and environmentally friendly.

They have fully internalized Ken Ham‘s propaganda… and they’re doing a disservice to their own residents by suggesting it’s no different from an actual history or science museum.

I get that they want to advertise a local attraction. But that shouldn’t involve lying about what it actually is. Ark Encounter is not “historically authentic.” It’s a $100 million monument to fundamentalist Christianity, and science experts from different fields will tell you there’s no evidence supporting any part of the story Answers in Genesis is trying to promote.

(Thanks to Jerry for the link)

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