New Free Album Encourages Atheists to “Stand Up” and Be Counted August 6, 2016

New Free Album Encourages Atheists to “Stand Up” and Be Counted

Artist Chris Beckstrom recently put out a music video encouraging atheists to come out of the closet and be counted.


He just released the full album featuring this song. It’s called “Stand Up” by his band The Fonetiks. Segments from my YouTube videos are sampled in a few of the songs (which is a really neat honor no matter how much my wife rolled her eyes at me when I told her).

Chris writes:

Stand up. The only way we will be accepted is for others to realize they already know us, that we are not amoral, we do not worship Satan, we do not hate the Christian God or any other god. We are just people with our own joys and frustrations, our own philosophies and hobbies, our own families and friends.

The album is free to download, though you’re welcome to make a donation.

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