This Video Shows Two Christian Pastors Using the Exact Same “Personal” Anecdote August 4, 2016

This Video Shows Two Christian Pastors Using the Exact Same “Personal” Anecdote

A few months ago, Glyn Barrett of the !Audacious Church in Manchester, England posted a video in which he told his congregation a totally true story.


As Barrett explained it, he was invited by a university group to debate an atheist on the existence of God. He was given less time to speak than his opponent, but he outsmarted them with this argument: Do we possess all the knowledge in the world? No we don’t. But if we only know 5% of all the knowledge there is, isn’t it possible God exists in the 95% we don’t know? Checkmate, atheists.

There were lots of problems with that story, and they went far beyond his strange logic which could also be used to “prove” the existence of anything you want.

Because Barrett was purposely vague about the details, I wondered if this debate actually happened. Emails to his church for that information went nowhere and atheist groups at schools in Cambridge told me the event never happened.

It seemed that Barrett’s story was a lie. That suspicion only deepened when his church took down the video without acknowledging the reason. Thankfully, I saved a copy and reposted it.

I found out days later that an eerily similar version of the story was told by another pastor, Mark Finley, years earlier.

Were these pastors both winning debates with the same lousy argument… or were they sharing the same lie?

The folks at !Audacious Lies just put together a video juxtaposing both pastors’ sermons. You can see the similarities for yourself:

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