Electronic Bibles Are Exempt from Pennsylvania’s New Digital Tax, But It’s Not a Big Deal August 4, 2016

Electronic Bibles Are Exempt from Pennsylvania’s New Digital Tax, But It’s Not a Big Deal

A set of new taxes, signed into law by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, will have residents of his state paying a little more for streaming services and digital downloads in order to close a $1.3 billion budget deficit. The tax will affect users of services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify as well as those who buy e-books, online games, ringtones, and more.

While some of the concern online is over whether this “Netflix Tax” will spread to other states, there’s another issue worth mentioning:


Magazine and newspaper subscriptions, as well as digital versions of the Bible, will be exempt from the digital downloads tax.

Well, isn’t that special…?

It makes you wonder if the Qur’an (or books about atheism) get the same treatment. The news article doesn’t explain this, but information about the new law shows that the Bible isn’t being singled out here. In fact, the same groups that get property tax exemptions are getting digital tax exemptions. That includes:

Purchases by qualified charitable organizations, volunteer fire companies, religious organizations and nonprofit educational institutions unless used in an unrelated trade or business.

That should settle the issue. If you’re downloading something from your churches, mosque, or synagogues, it’ll be exempt from the tax. All the more reason for the IRS to make sure these religious institutions are obeying the law by not endorsing candidates from the pulpit. If they break the law, they shouldn’t be getting these perks. It’s that simple.

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