Open Atheist Survives Primary Battle for Washington State House and Will Appear on November Ballot August 3, 2016

Open Atheist Survives Primary Battle for Washington State House and Will Appear on November Ballot

Washington is one of a handful of states with a “top two” primary for certain offices. So instead of several Democrats (or Republicans) duking it out for a chance to appear on the ballot in November, those who want to run for office from a particular district are all thrown in the same pool, and the top two candidates — even if they’re from the same party — get to do battle in November.

Jennifer Goulet is an open atheist running for the Washington State House in District 9, Position 1, and her primary against two GOP opponents took place last night.


How did she do?

She came in a solid second place, earning a spot on the ballot in November against the Republican incumbent Mary Dye:


Goulet has a long way to go to beat Dye when it really matters, but this is the biggest hurdle before then, and she may yet receive a boost since voters will also be choosing a President in November and those elections get a much higher turnout. If Donald Trump continues to be as off-putting as he is, Goulet may be able to ride the wave of a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters.

In case you’re curious about who Goulet is and what she stands for, this is the biography offered by the Freethought Equality Fund, which endorsed her back in June:

Goulet identifies as an atheist and has been active in many secular groups including the Tri-City Freethinkers, Secular Coalition for Washington and Mid-Columbia Coalition of Reason. She is also on the board of Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho. Goulet says, “Any time religion interferes with the wellbeing and rights of others, I am there to push back.” In addition to the separation of government and religion, Goulet advocates for a stronger K-12 public education system and affordable college, ensuring a living wage, and fostering the development and use of energy from clean and renewable sources to curb climate change. Goulet faces two opponents, including the Republican incumbent, in the top two primary on August 2.

Best of luck to Goulet in November. Anyone who’d like to donate to her campaign can do so right here.

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