Franklin Graham, Unaware of How the Law Works, Wants Schools to Block After School Satan Clubs August 2, 2016

Franklin Graham, Unaware of How the Law Works, Wants Schools to Block After School Satan Clubs

The Satanic Temple is gearing up for its After School Satan clubs, making very clear that chapters will only be established in elementary schools where (Christian) Good News Clubs already exist. The idea is that if one religious group meets after school, the door is wide open for everyone. Conversely, if the Satanic group is rejected, the school must say no to all extracurricular clubs.

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham doesn’t understand that basic concept.


Pray for parents and school leadership to have wisdom to refuse these After School Satan Clubs!

The link to Facebook includes Graham’s full statement, in which he urges Christians to pray for Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves to convert to Christianity, slams “the devastating effects of secularism everywhere,” and urges administrators to block the ASS clubs from forming.

Graham, of course, thinks Christians deserve special privilege. He believes public schools should be able to allow Christian clubs while rejecting non-Christian clubs, even though the Satanic group in this case is preaching Humanistic values like “free inquiry and rationalism.”

But make no mistake: If any administrators followed Graham’s suggestion, the Good News Clubs would also be canceled, or the schools would be hit with a lawsuit.

That’s the whole point of this initiative: To find out if these schools really understand how the law works. If they don’t, they’re about to find out.

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