Virginia Sheriff Admits He Put “In God We Trust” on Vehicles To Promote Christianity July 31, 2016

Virginia Sheriff Admits He Put “In God We Trust” on Vehicles To Promote Christianity

Earlier this year, the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia announced the brand new “In God We Trust” stickers on their vehicles with a statement that didn’t exactly reference our nation’s motto…


“Our department feels very strongly about having In God We Trust on our vehicles. We know there is nothing we can do for our community without the guidance of our Lord,” Sheriff Brian Hieatt said in a statement.

The Sheriff’s Office holds weekly Bible study meetings, according to a news release.

It was strange to hear Hieatt admitting the religious basis for what he did, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation warned him about the problem with that.

But nothing changed. Check out what happened during a community prayer service in Tazewell over the weekend. It’s just one small line in a brief article, but it’s a doozy:

Sheriff Brian Hieatt addressed the gathering and said his officers put “in God we Trust’ on their vehicles not as the country’s motto but to show their belief in God.

He’s bragging about disobeying the law! It doesn’t get any more clear than this. If FFRF can’t sue, then nothing will stop these Christian sheriffs from pushing their religion through the government.

Hieatt made the cardinal mistake of being honest about his intentions. Most other sheriffs simply lie and claim they’re just being patriotic.

(Image via Facebook. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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