Florida Man Forcefully Baptized 11-Year-Old Boy in Filthy Pool Because God Told Him To July 30, 2016

Florida Man Forcefully Baptized 11-Year-Old Boy in Filthy Pool Because God Told Him To

If you want to get baptized, fine. Find a pastor and have at it.

But forcing others to get baptized? That’s messed up. And that’s not even the worst part of this story involving a Florida man who said God was speaking to him:


[Henry L. Love Jr.] woke up the boy, who was staying with him, at about 9 a.m. Wednesday and told the 11-year-old to strip, deputies said.

Love then grabbed the boy and dragged him to his neighbor’s above-ground pool and threw him in, the report said.

The boy told his mother that the pool was “nasty and green,” and was filled with bugs, investigators said.

The boy protested, but Love dunked his head under the water several times while yelling, “You’re being baptized,” the report said.

The boy had to be taken to urgent care the next day to treat the eye and ear infections that resulted from the disgusting pool.

Love, whose relationship with the boy isn’t clear, was charged with child abuse. I suppose we should be grateful God only told the man to baptize the boy instead of drowning him (or sacrificing him a la Abraham and Isaac).

Needless to say, whatever health issues Love may have, his unquestioning obedience to God played a role in the story. All the more reason to remind people that the Christian God doesn’t deserve the respect so many people want to give Him.

(Thanks to Ron for the link)

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