Christian Preacher Proselytizes Outside CERN (But No One Seems To Be Listening) July 27, 2016

Christian Preacher Proselytizes Outside CERN (But No One Seems To Be Listening)

Screampreacher Angela Cummings, who spent much of May yelling inside mostly empty Target stores about how their bathroom policies make God angry, recently visited CERN.

CERN! Home of the Large Hadron Collider and birthplace of so many breakthroughs in particle physics!

The video begins with her looking at words on the wall reading “Where do we come from?” She hold up her Bible and quietly says to no one in particular, “I have the answer.

It ends with her standing outside the building and babbling about the Bible — once again, she fails to draw a crowd.


The funny thing about the video is that the preaching really only occurs in the final minute. Otherwise, she seems genuinely interested in the CERN tour. It’s almost as if there’s curiosity in her that she would love to explore further… but then she remembers why she’s really there. Then she stifles all of those questions she’s thinking because, dammit, she’s holding a book that contains all the answers she needs.

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