Teen Study Bible: Having Sex Outside of Straight Marriage is Like Burning Your Cat in a Microwave July 23, 2016

Teen Study Bible: Having Sex Outside of Straight Marriage is Like Burning Your Cat in a Microwave

A Redditor points out this disturbing passage from the NIV Teen Study Bible. Answer the question of why, if sex is supposed to be so good, some people get AIDS and other diseases, the authors respond by comparing sex outside of (straight) marriage to putting your cat in the microwave.


When microwaves were first available, a woman used one to warm her cat. It did warm the pet, but it cooked its organs and killed the cat. The oven was wonderful, but its owner didn’t read the instructions on how to use it and how not to use it. Does that mean microwave ovens are too dangerous or that you shouldn’t use them? No, but you need to follow the instructions in order to enjoy them without getting hurt.

When people who aren’t married to each other have sex, it’s sort of like putting a pet in a microwave. Someone could be burned, damaged, or killed… And did you know promiscuous sex is also linked with serious depression? Why take the chance?…

Worst. Analogy. Ever.

Besides the complete lack of citations, there’s no “instruction manual” for sex. The Bible doesn’t tell you how to satisfy your partner — or yourself. You can wait until marriage if you want to, but that won’t automatically make sex any more enjoyable or meaningful.

This whole page reeks of a culture that shames certain people for having certain kinds of sex. And it doesn’t even answer the question! If you want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, use some goddamn protection.

(via Reddit)

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