Five Islamic Militants Charged with 2015 Killing of Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger July 21, 2016

Five Islamic Militants Charged with 2015 Killing of Bangladeshi Atheist Blogger

Back in March of 2015, an atheist blogger named Oyasiqur Rahman Babu (there are various spellings of his name) was stabbed to death by a group of Muslim radicals because he supposedly “criticized hardline Islamists.” A couple of the killers were caught immediately; another was caught soon after.

Ever since last month, when Bangladeshi law enforcement got serious about stopping these murders, there’s been some hope that these killers would be appropriately punished. And justice has finally been served in Rahman’s case:

Five Islamist militants were on Wednesday charged for the murder of a 27-year-old secular Bangladeshi blogger, who was hacked to death by machete-wielding assailants in broad daylight in Dhaka last year.

Assistant public prosecutor Salauddin Hawlader said three suspects were produced before the court for the hearing.

The remaining two, who are absconding, will be tried in absentia…

Will it stop future murders? I don’t know. If you’re willing to kill someone because of your beliefs, getting prosecuted for it only strengthens your martyr complex. But I’d like to think the threat of serious punishment will deter Islamists who might be on the fence about taking someone else’s life.

Here’s hoping the killers get what they deserve.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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