In Classic Video, Christian Pastor Claims Pokémon is Satanic July 11, 2016

In Classic Video, Christian Pastor Claims Pokémon is Satanic

With the recent Pokémon Go craze, it seems like a good time to repost this old video of a Christian pastor railing against the evil, Satanic nature of the series.


Pokémon is a game that teaches children how to enter into the world of witchcraft. How to cast spells. How to use psychic phenomena. How to put to work supernatural powers against their enemies. How to fantasy role play… Pokémon World is a world of the demonic, of the satanic.

But while you might not take it quite seriously, I assure you that demons take it quite seriously.

Satan takes it quite seriously…

Our kids are going out in gangs on the streets and they’re so used to killing each other in their fantasy games and in their video screens and blowing each other away and blowing each other up, that when they walk down the streets and they pull out their .45 and they pump some friend full of bullets, they kind of think in the back of their mind, well, we’ll turn off the machine and they’ll get up and they will be there tomorrow and I will shoot ’em again.

It’s just a game. To which I respond, Russian roulette is just a game.

Considering how many churches are doubling as PokéSpots and gyms, you’d think pastors would be thanking the game makers… but I suspect we’ll hear other pastors complaining about the recent craze before long.

(via Everything Is Terrible)

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