North Carolina Police Chief: To Solve Our Problems, Let’s Pray and Remember That All Lives Matter July 10, 2016

North Carolina Police Chief: To Solve Our Problems, Let’s Pray and Remember That All Lives Matter

Ever think you’re really helping the situation when the truth is everyone else just wishes you would stop?

That’s what’s going on with the Morehead City Police Department in North Carolina, where Chief Bernette Morris issued this statement yesterday in reaction to the shooting deaths of two black men and five police officers:


In light of the recent incidents that have occurred across the country, we all need to remember a family that prays together, stays together and the key is prayer and treating people the way you want to be treated!

So… atheists can’t have stable families, a lack of prayer caused those unnecessary and tragic deaths, and the Golden Rule is the last item on that list?

And why is a police chief telling people to pray, anyway?

Thank you all for all you do and remember ALL LIVES MATTER!

That’s just an odd way to end an already cringe-worthy post, as if all lives face the exact same challenges and all lives are equally at risk in our society. (To paraphrase the joke, I’m sure doctors think “all bones matter,” too, but it’d be great if they could pay special attention to the ones that are broken.)

I doubt anyone would call this a violation of church/state separation. But it’s a disturbing way for a police chief to think.

One reader who lives in that community told me:

… [this is from my hometown] where I always felt isolated and marginalized for the fact that I was not a follower… Prayer is not what we need. We need comprehensive training programs for officers to improve [Law enforcement official]/civilian relations.

I couldn’t agree more. Maybe the chief will eventually get around to those programs when she’s done praying.

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