Baptist Pastor: Religious Freedom is Crucial to Our Country (Unless It Applies to Muslims) July 5, 2016

Baptist Pastor: Religious Freedom is Crucial to Our Country (Unless It Applies to Muslims)

Over the weekend, two government officials spoke at a Texas Baptist church run by a pastor who loves religious freedom as long as it only applies to Christians.

Pastor Glynn Stone
Pastor Glynn Stone

Mobberly Baptist Church Pastor Glynn Stone had Gov. Greg Abbott and Rep. Louie Gohmert speak at two of his campuses on Sunday morning. While they didn’t necessarily break any rules by appearing there since there’s no indication they explicitly told people to vote for them or anything, it’s certainly an uncomfortable alliance of church and state. What they said during their sermons was as disturbing as, well, everything else they say.

The central theme of [Abbott’s] sermon, however, was what he called religious freedom and how Christians are under secular attacks.

“Now, more than ever, we need representatives who base their decisions on moral clarity rather than political correctness,” the governor said. “We all know that we live in the greatest country in the world, but we must realize the ways in which our country is becoming broken.

Gohmert added that the way for Christians to fight against the secularization of America is to start praying.

“(President Barack) Obama said we weren’t a Christian nation. Well, he’s right,” Gohmert said. “We were.”

That’s Christianese for “LGBT people shouldn’t have rights.”

But here’s the kicker: For all this talk of religious freedom, check out what Pastor Stone wrote last year in an advertisement that was published in a local newspaper:

America can, and should, show its diversity as a nation founded on religious freedoms. The City of Longview’s Unity and Diversity Committee recently held its annual honors luncheon, in which diversity was indeed the aim. However, an opening prayer to the Muslim god Allah and a closing prayer to the one true God cannot achieve the unity that was strived for that day.

Muslim leaders are being asked to lead public prayers at sporting events, local rodeos and other public gatherings. As a pastor, I am often asked to offer an opening or closing prayer at many such functions, which I readily and joyfully do — recognizing that all of my freedoms are, indeed, gifts from God through His Son Jesus Christ’s selfless sacrifice on the cross. The freedom to pray at such events is an expression of my worship to the one and only true God. While every American can worship in private, every American should not be forced to take part in just any worship in the public spectrum, especially when such worship is of a false religion.

So religious freedom is awesome… unless that freedom is extended to Muslims. In which case we must stomp them out. Everyone has to bow down to the Christian God, but if Muslims ask us to pray along with them, fuck it.

Must be some special kind of #ChristianLogic I don’t understand.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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