Texas City to Atheist Group: We’re Not Removing Our “This Is God’s Country” Welcome Sign July 4, 2016

Texas City to Atheist Group: We’re Not Removing Our “This Is God’s Country” Welcome Sign

Remember this sign?



This Is God’s Country Please Don’t Drive Through It Like Hell

Hondo, Texas

The Freedom From Religion Foundation said last month it was “needlessly divisive, since it sends the message that nonbelievers are not welcome in the city.”

City Attorney Frank Garza disagrees, and in his ignorant response letter to FFRF, he explained how this wasn’t a religious sign in any way:

“… the Welcome Signs have several clear secular purposes, including communicating to residents and visitors of Hondo that they are entering a beautiful area away from the big city, a need to drive safely through the city and providing a distinctive brand to the city”…

What the signs actually do is promote safe driving in a manner that is clever, fun, thought provoking and memorable, according to Garza.

By his logic, the city of Hondo could’ve done even more! They could’ve had a giant billboard featuring Jesus holding a Bible in one hand and a “Slow Down” sign in the other… and Garza would tell you that’s secular. If saying you’re in “God’s Country” isn’t religious, what is?

What’s really funny is the Supreme Court case Garza cited to back his argument up:

The Supreme Court recently permitted a town to continue holding prayers to open its council meetings, noting that, “A test that would sweep away what has so long been settled would create new controversy and begin anew the very divisions along religious lines the Establishment Clause seeks to prevent,” pointed out Garza referring to Town of Greece, N.Y. v. Galloway.

Garza may not realize this, but the decision in Greece v. Galloway, which allowed Christian invocations at government meetings, also allowed for non-Christian groups to deliver their own prayers. Yes, the invocations remained in place as was tradition, but it came at a price of the government being unable to prohibit atheists and Satanists and other non-Christians from speaking.

Which I guess means atheists and Satanists are allowed to create their own versions of “Welcome to Hondo” signs and the city will have put them up!

Everyone tell Mr. Garza “Thank you!”

(Thanks to Chris for the link)

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