Atheist Mother Makes Blood Donation a Part of Her Family Vacation July 2, 2016

Atheist Mother Makes Blood Donation a Part of Her Family Vacation

Veronica Gilmore, an atheist who’s written about the process of adopting multiple children, just took her family on vacation to Florida. In addition to visiting Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure in Orlando, she made sure to stop by a blood bank.


My son (18), daughter (11), and I visited One Blood off of Manatee Ave in Bradenton Beach. Unlike the lines at Universal, there was no line to wait in. The front office staff was cherry and helpful. They greeted us with warm smiles, explaining the paperwork with ease. Our Phlebotomist Mark was caring and gentle. This was our first time giving blood, and sadly I must admit, It shouldn’t have taken a tragedy to motivate us to become donors.

Imagine if all the families on vacation made blood donation apart of their trip. Collectively, if we bestow the gift of blood to our brothers and sister, our mothers and fathers, our neighbors and co-workers…. and unknown strangers. If we spoke up for those who can not speak for themselves. If we gave our blood, sweat and tears and turned it into something more meaningful, more tangible?

It’s a fantastic idea and a hallmark of Humanism: Why not help others when you have the opportunity to do so?

Be sure to read her full post, if for no other reason than to hear her 11-year-old’s reaction upon finding out that gay men can’t donate blood unless they’ve been celibate for at least a year.

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