Donald Trump Says He’s “Looking At” Banning Muslims from Working for Airport Security July 1, 2016

Donald Trump Says He’s “Looking At” Banning Muslims from Working for Airport Security

When a woman at a John McCain rally in 2008 said that then-candidate Barack Obama was an “Arab,” he rightly shut her down by dismissing her statement and saying, “I just happen to have disagreements with [him] on fundamental issues and that’s what this campaign’s all about.”

When a woman at a Donald Trump rally yesterday said that Muslims should be banned from working for airport security, Trump took a very different approach.


“Why aren’t we putting our retirees, our military retirees, on that border or in TSA?” the woman asked. “Get rid of all these hibijabis they wear at TSA. I’ve seen them myself,” she said, gesturing toward her face. (The woman seemed to be referring to the hijab, the headscarf worn by many Muslim women.)

Trump responded, “I understand.”

The Manhattan businessman told the woman, “and we are looking at that. We are looking at that. We’re looking at a lot of things,” before touting his endorsements from Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the 16,500-member National Border Patrol Council union representing border agents.

1) We’re not putting retirees in those positions because they’re retired.

2) Hibijabis?

3) Trump had a perfect opportunity to shoot down this anti-Muslim bigotry… and whiffed. Though once you’ve already proposed banning Muslims from entering the country, it’s not a stretch to say you’ll consider banning law-abiding Muslim citizens from certain jobs.

Tell me again why evangelicals are so desperate to endear themselves to this bigot?

(via Politico)

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