Christian Blogger: Christy Sheats Rightly Killed Her Daughters Because They Were Seeing Black Guys June 30, 2016

Christian Blogger: Christy Sheats Rightly Killed Her Daughters Because They Were Seeing Black Guys

Christy Sheats (below) is the Texas mother who shot and killed both of her children (ages 22 and 17) before being gunned down by police. Besides the tragedy itself, the narrative surrounding her includes the fact that she opposed any sort of gun regulation, saying on Facebook as recently as March that “It would be horribly tragic if my ability to protect myself or my family were to be taken away.” Her husband thinks that Sheats killed their daughters because she “wanted him to suffer.” Mental illness may have also played an important role.


But if all that wasn’t awful and messy enough, Christian writer Jennifer Mayers found a way to make it so much worse. On her blog (tagline: “Spreading Positivity through Jesus Christ”), Mayers defended the killing of Sheats’ daughters because — wait for it — they were dating black guys.

A devout Republican and gun rights advocate, she no doubt discovered that both of her daughters had been promiscuous and were sleeping with black boys and she took it upon herself to put an end to that cycle. She was brave enough to stand up and say ENOUGH! Not in MY house! And she should be lauded.

… Mrs. Sheats was the picture of elegance and I know she would not want to have to explain to her friends why she was carrying around a yellow mixed baby that her promiscuous daughters had created.

Rather than be forced into this life of depravity and sin, she chose to go down grasping her weapon in the name of God. As far as I am concerned, she is a martyr for Christ.

So… I guess this is what a Christian honor killing looks like?

To be sure, there’s no evidence at all to support these claims. (Hell, according to Facebook, the older daughter was dating a Hispanic guy named Juan.) It’s just one racist woman’s interpretation of what happened, completely devoid of facts.

Not that she learned anything from the hundreds of commenters saying she’s crazy.




Mayers also posted a follow-up on her blog,

Mrs. Sheats will NOT die in vain. She was correcting the wicked ways of her daughters, and the unjust media that has groomed them to crave the touch and attention of black boys. I do not blame her. It is the media and modern culture that poisoned her daughters into the depraved lifestyle that they ended up dying for.

I agree that maybe her actions were extreme, and no doubt enhanced by mental illness but that is no reason to persecute and vilify her in the media now that she is gone.

Some people will never learn…

The only good news here is that I can’t imagine other Christians would ever get on board with her deranged perspective. Hell, even Pastor Steven Anderson is probably thinking, “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Jesus would never agree with that!”

But it still makes me feel dirty that I have to share a planet with someone like her.

***Update***: There’s reason to believe this may be satire, since some of her other blog posts are equally over the top, and the blog only began a couple of weeks ago. I hope that’s the case. I’ll follow up if I hear anything one way or the other.

(Thanks to Cole for the link)

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