Trump Delegate Apologizes After Criticizing Church for Wishing Muslims a “Blessed Ramadan” June 22, 2016

Trump Delegate Apologizes After Criticizing Church for Wishing Muslims a “Blessed Ramadan”

Yesterday, I posted about how Matthew Jansen, a Donald Trump delegate and local school board member, criticized the St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Dallastown, Pennsylvania for the sign outside the building: “Wishing a Blessed Ramadan to Our Muslim Neighbors.”


He also left a nasty message on the church’s voicemail:

… I am completely shocked by that sign out in front of your church, that you are wishing people who subscribe to a faith that is not only godless but Pagan, in front of your church, aligning it with the name of Christ. It is unbelievable that you would welcome them and wish them… a blessed Ramadan. Are you sick? Is there something wrong with you? I am posting your picture that you displayed out there on Twitter and on Facebook so everybody can see this, what you’ve done. This is despicable. Unbelievable.

After a lot of criticism, and arguably because people were talking about kicking him off the school board, Jansen went on a Twitter apology tour:


I guess that’s an apology…?

He also agreed to visit a local mosque this Friday night:


It’s a start.

The apology tweet came prior to [last night’s] Spring Grove Area School Board meeting, where [Rev. Christopher] Rodkey said he heard some may be calling for Jansen’s resignation.

Rodkey said today he hadn’t heard of the apology tweet of Jansen’s, but said he’ll “accept an apology.”

“This isn’t about me and him or the church and him. When I saw what was on his Twitter page, that’s what alarmed me, and he continued to put things on there. That’s between him and school board,” Rodkey said.

I hope Jansen learns something from all this. Given the nasty things he’s said, the bigoted beliefs he currently holds, and the man he’s voting for, I’m not optimistic. But the alternative is never apologizing, and that doesn’t help anyone.

(Thanks to Jared for the link)

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