Georgia Pastor’s “Satan Made Gays and Transgender” Sign Vandalized June 21, 2016

Georgia Pastor’s “Satan Made Gays and Transgender” Sign Vandalized

A church in Gwinnett County, Georgia had a sign outside its building vandalized yesterday, but the more controversial part of the story may be what it said in the first place:


… [Pastor Bobby Wright] of Back to the Bible Holiness Church said he did not think the sign was offensive.

“The sign said God created man and woman. Satan created gays and transgender,” Wright said.

That message itself is a contradiction: If God created men and women, then gay and transgender individuals fit inside those categories. They’re not some inhuman demonic breed of people no matter what Jesus wants Wright to believe. But I’m guessing logical and grammatical accuracy aren’t priorities for this church.

That’s not to excuse the vandalism. They have a right to be bigots. Vandalizing a sign like this only gives them more reason to feel like victims instead of the bullies they are.

Wright said this isn’t the first time he’s put up a sign like this, as if people accepted his hate just because they didn’t react before. He even gave pictures to one reporter almost as a badge of honor:



This guy seems delightful…

Wright said he’ll be cleaning up the black paint and putting the nasty message back up soon.

(Thanks to Scott for the link. Screenshots via WSB-TV)

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