How They See Us (Special Outpouring of Hate Edition) June 12, 2016

How They See Us (Special Outpouring of Hate Edition)

Yesterday, I explained how the Freedom From Atheism Foundation lied by blaming godless activists for banning large groups of Christians from the site of the Reason Rally. In truth, the request to keep a distance was made by the Washington D.C. police. To be precise, the cops asked one particularly large group of Christian would-be attendees to reconsider showing up together, because large, planned demonstrations and counter-demonstrations require permits… for which the Christians hadn’t applied.

The FFAF chose to disregard that inconvenient truth. It blamed unnamed atheists, and asked innocently why the godless are so intolerant, and so afraid of Christians like Ray Comfort, who were only going to be there to show unbelievers some love.

Well, here is some of that love that (predominantly) Christians would like to have given us.

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_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 8

_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 6

_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 2


_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 13

_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 11

_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 7

_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 9

_2__Freedom_From_Atheism_Foundation__FFAF_ 10

I don’t assume for a moment these responses are representative of the opinions of all, or even most, Christians. But the Freedom From Atheism Foundation has more than 650,000 fans on Facebook who seem to thrive on precisely this sort of unrestrained loathing (never mind religions’ vaunted Golden Rule… that they all claim makes their followers better than atheists). Ponder that.

Then take a moment to realize that, in the general population, atheists are literally less trusted than Muslims, one of the least-trusted groups around. We are also viewed to be roughly as reliable as rapists.

These are not fringe beliefs. They are predicated on the vicious tropes and caricatures that groups like the FFAF are only too happy to perpetuate — under the spectacularly false flag of Christian love, no less.

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