Jimmy Carter, After Visiting Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter: “I Believe in Evolution” June 11, 2016

Jimmy Carter, After Visiting Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter: “I Believe in Evolution”

Yesterday, former President Jimmy Carter made a visit to Ken Ham‘s Noah’s Ark theme park. It was an odd pairing since Carter has long been a champion of science education while Ham doesn’t believe in science or education.


Carter’s people told reporters yesterday afternoon that he was only there to “support a friend [LeRoy Troyer] who was instrumental in the construction of the massive structure.” Which is fine. But I still wanted to know what he thought about the Ark itself. What did he have to say about Creationism?

Now we have an answer:

The earth is 4 billion years old, … but I don’t see a conflict there,” said Carter, a former Sunday school teacher who also has long professed his Christianity. “And as a scientist, I believe in evolution.

“But all things are possible through the divine power of God. And whenever there is a conflict, I turn to the words of Jesus Christ,” he said.

I know, I know, it’s not a great answer. The earth is more like 4.5 billion years old. Evolution is something you accept, not believe. And when science and religion are in conflict, no decent person should ever choose bullshit over evidence. Carter even contradicts himself on that last point by accepting evolution over the biblical account of Genesis.


Let’s just take it for what it was worth without over-analyzing it. (Or, um, analyzing it at all.) Carter said he’s on the side of evolution. Not Creationism. Not the Ark. Not Ken Ham.

Which explains why Ham sounded like a desperate college graduate trying to inflate his resume when talking about Carter’s visit:

President Carter praised the quality of the work and shared his impressions of the project that his architect friend Mr. Troyer has designed and built for Answers in Genesis:

The Ark is remarkable. And it’s some of the best wood-working I’ve ever seen. My friend LeRoy Troyer has done a tremendous job.

How’s that for spin?

Jimmy Carter loved our wood! Sure, the whole point of the Ark is to convince you that the story of Noah is literally true and we completely failed in that goal, but Jimmy Carter loved the construction!

Carter also made a comment about the current presidential race, but it could also apply to Ark Encounter:

“I’ll just be glad when it’s over.”

Me too, Jimmy. Me too.

(Thanks to Dan for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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