The Christian Craft Book Your Library Needs June 8, 2016

The Christian Craft Book Your Library Needs

The last time we mentioned Awful Library Books on this site, it was because of some of the odd books libraries were throwing away.

A recent book featured on the site was What Would Jesus Craft?, a relatively new, mostly tongue-in-cheek book teaching children how to make objects worthy of God’s love.

Like the Eye-See-You-In-Hell Mirror:

Jesus 7

Makes a great gift for your backslider friends! When they first see it, they’ll be drawn to its elegant beauty and move in for a closer look, and then the all-seeing eye will hold them in its powerful hypnotic grip. Unable to look away, their gaze will fall down… down into the bloodred pupil, finally coming to rest upon their own reflection — magnified in the mirror, framed in fire, and giving them forewarning of their eternal torments in hell. When they see their bloated sinful faces, the shame and fear might drive them to take a big ole page from your book and attend church every Sunday!

The entire book is one big Poe — and it’s all the more entertaining because of it.

Check out other excerpts from it right here.

(Thanks to Matt for the link)

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