No “Ramadan Mubarak” For You, Says Ex-Muslim June 7, 2016

No “Ramadan Mubarak” For You, Says Ex-Muslim

Ramadan just began yesterday and many Muslims, even non-practicing ones, will tell you they make a habit of saying “Ramadan Mubarak” — have a blessed Ramadan — to family and friends.


But Hiba Krisht, an ex-Muslim, won’t be doing that anymore even if it seems disrespectful. Why not?

Because I can no longer in good conscience give well wishes about a month requiring believers to forego food and water and sex on pain of damnation and the torture of hellfire.

Until it is possible for most people to choose not to adhere to these expectations without suffering great social or personal cost in the same way it is possible for most people to comfortably choose to practice today… I will not wish Ramadan Kareem to those who to choose to practice.

Not anymore. Not anymore. My sense of perspective can no longer allow it.

It’s a strong stance, and I wonder what the reaction will be from people who know her. The moment you stop following some longtime tradition, even for personal reasons, others are bound to criticize you for it. Sure, it’s an opportunity to explain your position to them, but I suspect some will just see it as a personal slight.

Maybe what we need are more ex-Muslims willing to do the same thing.

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