I Laughed About a Dead-Baby Story. Am I Irredeemable? June 6, 2016

I Laughed About a Dead-Baby Story. Am I Irredeemable?

Yesterday’s post about Christians thanking God for saving them in close calls drew all kinds of interesting comments. Including this one, from reader Becca Rogers, on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page:


A couple of years ago there was a baby in my town that needed a heart transplant. There were fundraisers and many requests for prayers until one day the baby got a heart and my feed was flooded with people thanking god for saving this baby. I pointed out that they were thanking god for killing a different baby.

I laughed. Not because of a dead infant (that part’s admittedly horrible), but because Becca’s comment is so matter-of-fact and spot-on, it’s almost Spockian. Christians love to talk about a beneficent God who blesses us with sunshine and beautiful butterflies and pretty streams and daffodils… but you never hear them holding God to account for Ebola or intestinal parasites or fatal tornadoes.

Or dead children, for that matter.

Says Becca of her “killing a different baby” comment,

I lost several friends over that.

I’m not sure they were true friends if that’s all it took for them to storm off in a huff, never to return. Me, I love Becca’s clear-eyed perspective, and I hope she’s since gained friends who enjoy living in the real world with the rest of us.

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