Fox News Priest Trashes Reason Rally Because Some Atheists Want You to Stop Believing in God June 6, 2016

Fox News Priest Trashes Reason Rally Because Some Atheists Want You to Stop Believing in God

Fox News did a brief segment on the Reason Rally yesterday. But, as you might expect, producers didn’t invite any of the organizers or attendees to offer their perspectives.

Instead, they had Father Jonathan Morris, resident Catholic, trash the event all by himself.


His biggest complaint? There are some atheists (at the Rally and in life) who want to persuade other people to shed their faith!

some of them [are] so activist, trying to thwart other people’s belief systems!

Now there’s a criticism Morris never seems to make about evangelical Christians… it’s okay when religious people try to convert you, but it’s downright horrible when atheists try to persuade you to think like them… even at a rally celebrating atheism.

Morris even had an example of atheists pushing their will on other people… even though it made no sense and had absolutely nothing to do with the Reason Rally itself.

He talked about an Ohio high school that was the target of a recent Freedom From Religion Foundation complaint because the graduation ceremony including a formal choral arrangement of the Lord’s Prayer. For Morris, this illegal promotion of Christianity in the public schools ought to be perfectly fine and it’s awful that atheists wanted to put a stop to it.

Was FFRF demanding an atheist song replace it? Of course not. Would Morris be supportive of a formal Muslim prayer during the ceremony? Not a chance in Hell. (But what else would you expect from a professional hypocrite?) Morris praised the students who recited the Lord’s Prayer, anyway — something, by the way, that FFRF doesn’t care about. If it’s student initiated, they’re not getting involved.

How FFRF’s actions “thwarted” Christians from believing whatever they want, I have no idea. And clearly Morris has no clue, either.

It felt like someone told Morris about the Rally about two minutes before he went on air. He spent all of a few seconds talking about the Rally before moving into his usual rant against anything that might challenge his Christian privilege.

(Thanks to Larry for the link)

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