Australian Christian Leader: Treating LGBT Students with Respect is Totally Like the Holocaust June 2, 2016

Australian Christian Leader: Treating LGBT Students with Respect is Totally Like the Holocaust

The last time we heard from Lyle Shelton, the anti-gay head of the Australian Christian Lobby, he was complaining about how if his nation legalized marriage equality, people might assume he’s gay and that’d be a travesty for him.

He’s moved on from that line of thinking.

Now he’s just comparing a program designed to make schools safer and more inclusive for LGBT children to the Holocaust.


That Labor leader Bill Shorten can promise during an election to fund the so-called “Safe Schools” program which teaches children as young as four that “only you can know if you are a boy or a girl — no one can tell you” and there be so little push back is a failure of those of us who know better.

Changing the definition of marriage to entrench motherless and fatherlessness in public policy and teaching our kids their gender is fluid should be opposed.

The cowardice and weakness of Australia’s “gatekeepers” is causing unthinkable things to happen, just as unthinkable things happened in Germany in the 1930s.

Because if treat all children with respect and dignity, millions of people will die.


Needless to say, he’s offended plenty of people, and not just those who actively support LGBT rights:

Dvir Abramovich, chair of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission, said Mr Shelton’s remarks were “profoundly offensive” and called on him to apologise.

“No matter how strong one’s objections to marriage equality or to the Safe Schools program is, cynically debasing, twisting and abusing the Holocaust in order to advance any agenda and to attack opponents is repugnant,” he told Fairfax Media.

“Repugnant” is one of the more generous descriptions I’ve heard of Shelton.

This, by the way, is why his side is losing. He, like all Christians who oppose LGBT rights, has no good arguments to bolster his side, so he resorts to analogies that make no sense to anyone with a brain. Instead of accepting that there are no good reasons to continue treating gay and lesbian people like second-class citizens, he puts forth ideas that turn his name into a punchline. And the more he talks, he faster he’ll put himself out of business.

(Screenshot via SkyNews. Thanks to @jupjup159 for the link)

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