Why Did This School Board Chair Brag About Hiring Principals Who “Loved the Lord”? May 31, 2016

Why Did This School Board Chair Brag About Hiring Principals Who “Loved the Lord”?

Earlier this month, during a worship service at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale church, Dr. Rosalind Osgood, the chair of Florida’s Broward County school board, got up on stage and asked the crowd to pray for the students and staff.

That in itself may not be a problem, but she went on to say something that makes me question the hiring process in her District:


God has really blessed me this school year that a lot of my principals were transitioned out, and he filled those spots with new principals that were saved. Principals that loved the Lord.

To be sure, God didn’t fill any of those spots. The school board did. Which makes me wonder…

How exactly would she know if they’re “saved”? Did it come up during their interviews? If so, why?

Were Muslim and atheist and non-Christian principals automatically disqualified in the hiring process?

What about the new principals being “saved” makes them better for students?

Were the old principals “transitioned out” at least in part because they weren’t “saved”?

I’ve asked the Freedom From Religion Foundation to look into this.

(via Diane Ravitch. Thanks to Jenn for the link)

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