Arkansas Mayor: Pray for Unknown Victims of Local Tragedy; “God Will Know Who You Are Talking About” May 24, 2016

Arkansas Mayor: Pray for Unknown Victims of Local Tragedy; “God Will Know Who You Are Talking About”

Last night, there was an explosion at an industrial plant in Arkansas. The fire is still burning and two people have been sent to a local hospital to treat their injuries.

I wish them a speedy and full recovery, and I hope no one else suffered from the blast. The only reason I’m posting this at all is because of the odd statement made by Camden Mayor Marie Trisollini: She probably wanted to say the thoughts and prayers of everyone in the city are with the injured.

But since the victims haven’t been identified publicly, she realized those prayers couldn’t be directed anywhere. No worries, though, she wrote on Facebook:


Because of HIPPA, their names have not been made public, but if you pray for them and their families, God will know who you are talking about.

Isn’t that convenient…?

Your prayers no longer need specificity. You just have to say, “God, please make those two dudes better” and the Lord will skip over the starving children and Church abuse victims and find the guys from the explosion you were referring to! Amazing powers, that guy.

I guess a prayer is like tossing a bandage up in the air. If you do it sincerely enough, God will intercept it and direct it wherever it’s supposed to go.

For those of you who think it’s inappropriate to mock the statement at a time like this, please let me know when a better time would be. I’m sure a lot of people, however, would have been more comforted by knowing how the city planned to prevent tragedies like this in the future.

No word yet on where anyone can make a donation to help the victims cover any of their medical costs. I guess we’ll just have to settle for those prayers until then.

(Thanks to Bryan for the link)

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