All Weekend Long, Ask the Friendly Atheist Writers Anything May 21, 2016

All Weekend Long, Ask the Friendly Atheist Writers Anything

Why should Reddit get all the AMA (“ask me anything”) fun?

All of us at Friendly Atheist are getting ready to answer your questions this weekend. Maybe you’ve always wanted to know where we find our material; or how we handle fact-checking; or how we moderate the comments; or if we ever go to church; or whether our views of religion have changed; or how often we secretly get together and plot the demise of the world’s religions while stroking our cats and pressing a pinkie to our mouths.


Ask us whatever you wish to ask in the comments, and as long as it’s related to atheism, religion, and/or the inner workings of this blog, we’ll jump in and answer.

No doubt the bulk of the questions will be for Hemant, who is also by far the busiest around here; in order not to bury him in already-answered queries, please first check out the Reddit AMAs he did in 2011 and 2013.

We’ll be checking in regularly, and chatter, refute, explain, describe, and divulge as needed, until late Sunday night.

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